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Our Mission

To love the people of God into a relationship with the

Gospel, and give away to the world what God has given

us which is Jesus Christ!

Our Commitment

We are committed to worship as a dynamic experience of the presence of God

through Word, Prayer, and Christian Community.

Our Goal

To Empower the people of God and helping them to discover the power of the

Holy Spirit through faith, love and support.

*Men of Valor*

A men's ministry to encourage the Men to go forth in the word of God, and embrace the gifts God has given them.

*Women of Distinction*

Spear headed by or First Lady Mother Betty Green, women are taught

and inspired to reflect on their God given tools, so they can strive to be better

Mother's, Wives and Women in ministry!

*Mission Department*

Helping other's who are in need, providing food baskets etc. Giving encouragement, showing the love of Jesus Christ by Out reaching to our Community!

*Youth Department*

We love to Praise and support our youth, teaching them to expect nothing

but the best from God, providing supportive activities, care and love!

*Media Ministry*

To share the Gospel, through the world of technology, via Livestreem and more.

Video's and message CD's created upon request

Music Ministry and more.....

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